Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð

European Educational Center
for innovation and sustainable growth

We´re located in a small fishing village in the north of Iceland - Dalvík, but you´re likely to find us also in various parts of Europe, thanks to our international projects involvement.

Our center offers services in 3 main areas:

  • EDUCATION: language teaching, trainings, workshop, seminars, educational events, etc. carried out locally, nationally or on international level, 
  • TOURISM - projects contributing to sustainable development and responsible travel, respecting natural resources,
  • CONSULTANCY - for teams, individuals, organisations in the area of systemic changes and transformations that contribute to more sustainable and more balanced communitites/orgnisations.

We operate as a social enterprise and work in line with our core principles.

Thanks to our long-term experience and strong international contact network, we are able to assist with a broad range of projects in the frame of our 3 focus areas. We invite you to read more about our past, current and future projects and ideas.

Should you be interested in some of our services that we offer, do not hesitate to contact us and take the advantage of our : 

first meeting FREE OF CHARGE offer.

   We´re looking forward to working with you.

Photo Gallery: Rokstolar Samvinnumiðstöð



Photo Gallery: Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð