Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð


We've been settled in pristine nature in one of the longest fjord of North Iceland right below the Arctic Circle, where we have been helping develop sustainable tourism through various projects, including Go Local Iceland.


Our service offer to potential visitors includes:


  • advice on adventure tourism activities, eco-tourism, educational tourism, family vacations, vacation activities for children and youth, all this and more in line with sustainable tourism,
  • advice on 'Go Local in Iceland' - travelling according to Local Travel Values,
  • personal assistance and local advise right on spot, once you reach our destination and need help,
  • insightful BLOG about Local Travel possibilities in one of Iceland´s well hidden areas.

All the above is offered for the area of Eyjafjordur and Troll Peninsula, the areas of our interest in the North of Iceland.

Call now at 00354 - 840 13 29 or submit a request by visiting our Contact Us page and check for seasonal discounts.


Our service offer to local tourism providers includes:


  • advise on how to use their strengths and potential to increase business efficiency
  • help in getting new target groups in teh field of sustainable tourism and reaching out to new markets out of Iceland, especially other European countries
  • acting as a coordinating body for groups of small tourism providers to help facilitate their cluster initiatives 
  • advise on how to improve service in line with sustainable tourism
  • joint platform for promoting the whole fjord Eyjafjordur and Troll Peninsula


It is really important for us to contribute to promotion of jewels we want to show to tourists, making sure that we also contribute to protection of the nature we are promoting.
That is why we ask the following questions and encourage and help local municipalities, as well as  local tourism providers to find answers to them.
What does  “sustainable tourism” really mean? How can it be implemented, measured and credibly demonstrated?
What does Local Travel mean and how can it be promoted better in Iceland?, etc.



      Our service offer to public institutions:

  • designing the processes, resulting in long-term projects (such as CLUSTERS) that strengthen the cooperation amongst various stakeholders in tourism in the region concerned