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04/05/2017 14:31

E-factor European Training for professionals empowering women

This Saturday, May 6th 2017, starts innovative TRAINING COURSE  for professionals working in empowerment processes of women that Rökstólar are taking part in, together with 4 other recruited participants. We are glad to announce that the following institutions are going to represent...


06/04/2017 13:28

Recruting for the course in ITALY

Still one place left....check out by reading more here and apply directly on the webpage


10/09/2016 13:09

Successful workshop and satisfied participants

We´re glad to announce that the workshop on innovative educational approaches in youth work that took place in Ólafsfjordur was a great success when it comes to participants´ and trainers´ satisfaction. On the other hand, we´re looking forward to being able to having more local participants join us...


01/09/2016 10:28

Unique workshop in Ólafsfjörður

Still places left for those living and working in Iceland. If your work is connected to youth and you´re interested in new approaches, then join us for the upcoming workshop in Ólafsfjörður (expenses covered). Contact Lenka: lenka.uhrova@gmail.com / 583 27 39 for details.


18/08/2016 14:00

Research completed

Our 2-year Stretegic Partnership: ´Self-directed learning for employment' is coming to an end and we´re proud to share results with all of you who might be interested. You can enjoy two booklets: research results as well as recommendations on Learning Space models for unemployed. Go ahead, make...


01/08/2016 10:15

Workshop on SDL in Ólafsfjörður

We´re happy to announce that there´re still places left for the workshop on Self-directed learning organized in Ólafsfjörður that is taking place in September 5th - 9th. Excellent opportunity for local youth workers to get to know new approch and explore the topic together with colleagues from the...


05/05/2016 22:15

23.05.2016 together in Olafsfjordur

Rökstólar is organizing a new form of a working meeting where we practice nurturing collective intelligence, shared learning and effective action for change.   What: Event to draft a sustainable model for EMPOWERING LEARNING SPACES, especially targeted at women over 18 without...


02/03/2016 11:06

EMPOWERING Learning Space for women without jobs

Since our SHE EMPOWERS European Coordinator left, Rökstólar has been facilitating the next steps in our cross-sector cooperation together with SÍMEY and VMST to launch EMPOWERING LEARNING SPACE for women without jobs in March of 2016. We´re very much looking forward to this ACTION RESEARCH...


01/02/2016 11:34

European ACTION RESEARCH coordinator in Iceland

It´s our pleasure to confirm the dates of the country visit approved within 3-year SHE EMPOWERS project on empowering women.   Mrs HAZEL LOW, European Action Research Coordinator, is arriving in Iceland 07.02.2016 and leaving 12.02.2016. The aim of the visit is to support the work of a...


21/03/2015 20:38

Mapping the services offer in Iceland

In cooperation with VMST (Employment Office), municipalities of Dalvikurbyggd and Fjallabyggd , Multicultural Office of Akureyri and external educators, we´ve been working hard on mapping the existing services and support systems that exist for unemployed women in Iceland, making the...