Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð


Mission statement of Rökstólar is as follows:

RÖKSTÓLAR participates in the projects that help develop quality and sustainable tourism through  supporting innovation, exchange of good practices and cooperation.

On top of this, through coaching and facilitating, the center enhances the knowledge of various target groups contributing to their personal development.


 Our service offer is divided into 3 main areas:


  1. Tourism and sustainability
  2. Non-formal education, trainings, teaching and coaching
  3. Projects facilitation, especially those enhancing cooperation


You can find more details regarding the concrete offers under the relevant links.

Do not hesitate and submit a request for our first meeting free of charge to discuss further cooperation.

This meeting helps us  clarify your needs, based on which we outline possible ways on how we could help, presuming that Rökstólar have the capacity and knowledge to fulfill the needs.

Eventhough we offer a wide range of service, it might happen that you won´t find exactly what you´re searching for. In that instance, do not hesitate and contact us to double check whether we´re able to cater for your special needs or requests you might have.

We are looking forward to getting any comments regarding our service offer.

Your suggestions and feedback are very precious to us.